Burned out RN to Thriving Mom

A few years ago I found myself staring at a computer screen showing me how little money I actually had.  The numbers were more negative than I would ever want anyone to know about.  Money was a constant fight between this hunk and I and even though we both had good jobs as a RN and a contractor, we were BROKE.  Our thoughts about money and spending habits and desires to make everyone around us think we are awesome was a different story underneath.  

We decided living like this was no longer going to be our story.  I would do whatever it took.  An opportunity to change my health fell in my lap along the way that also had an income generating side piece to it.  I decided to take a leap into the unknown world of food referral, help people get healthy along the way and in turn help myself.  

We are passionate about showing you how you can take back your health and your finances.  We offer solutions for both and as always, you can get any free advice for me by connecting with us socially.  I get you friend, you want help but you are afraid of the nakedness required to let someone in to help you.  I get it.  I know the feeling.  I know what it's like to fight with your spouse.  I know what it's like to wonder how it's all going to work out.  

In the first 8 months we were able to change our net worth by 30K.  People didn't believe me.  I did most of this by stopping leaks in our spending and paying attention.  A few years later we found a solution for creating extra income that ultimately allowed me to leave my job as a RN through food referrals. Since starting our journey we have increased our net worth by 200K and my goal is to help others and myself create 7 figure residual incomes and have 7 figures saved.  

I now live a life I could have never imagined.  Alarm clocks are used for going to exercise classes instead of commuting.  Money is deposited more than it goes out and our marriage, although imperfect, is a breeze compared to before.  I feel like for the first time in my adult life, I can thrive.  

I want to know if you need help.  There are two ways we can connect.  You can book an appointment right into my calendar or you can give me your email and I will send you some info.  I DO NOT share you email with anyone.  You are only committing to a one time email reach out from me.  You can decide from there if you want to be on my mailing list.