And these are a few of my favorite things!….. (said in Julie Andrews perfection running across the grass in my homemade curtain dress). But seriously, these products are a must for life and business. Many of them are books because, well, it all starts with your mind.

RENPHO scale

Stop measuring just your weight. It’s not an accurate measure of health. This scale is what you need. It will measure you body fat percentage, visceral fat (dangerous fat around your organs) and your muscle mass. It’s the best!!!!

The Master Key System
By Charles F. Haanel
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Isagenix Value Pack

This is the most complete way to try Isagenix. It includes everything you need to totally reset your health and when you grab two friends you receive $450 in rebates. Once you complete your purchase I will text you immediately to help coach you through your experience. The coaching is FREE!


Imperfect Academy

A virtual school where you can elevate your life and business and learn how to monetize Instagram, podcasts, books, e-books, blogs and affiliate marketing. It’s for the people who need help taking action because it feels so overwhelming to start but you KNOW you could do it!