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Episode 31: Authenticity is the New Currency with Trevor Crane

It’s not always glitz and glamour when starting a business. It took today’s guest, Trevor Crane, 20 years to publish his first book.

Trevor 10x his income when he published the book through back end products and other programs that resulted from the book.

Do me a favor, write down your desired income. Now add a zero to it (making it 10x the amount). Would you like to 10x your income? Of course you would! We all would.

Trevor’s YouTube channel, books and programs make it seem like it has always been that way for him but he filed a 2 million dollar bankruptcy in 2009. He knows the highs and lows of business life. He had failed relationships as a result of that and his net worth went to negative. Through it all, he still knew he could come back. He didn’t know how at the time- but he got help and today has a thriving business. Knowing how to package and market the challenges you have been through is what makes the most impact on other people’s lives when you go to help them.

Episode 30: Hacks for Overcoming Tiredness to Regain Productivity

Here is the cold hard truth…. building your net worth is going to take more work than you think it is. It is going to take you to do the work to improve the finances on the days you feel like it and on the days when you get 4 hours of sleep because the baby kept you up all night. Maybe your “baby” is actually a looming debt hanging over your head so you aren’t sleeping well. You are going to have to learn to work tired on some days. I have had to do it. You will too. The most money I ever made in my side gig was on a week I worked all 7 days at the hospital. I did calls on the way to work, I got up at 4 instead of 5 so I could put in an hour of work and I had to work once the kids went to bed at 8 pm after putting in a 10 hour day of work.

Here are my top hacks for powering through a day where you weren’t able to get enough sleep.

  1. I do the following yoga poses: Back bend, down dog, forward hang, lunge with a twist, lizard, child’s pose. Check out this article to learn more.

  2. I drink some coffee but not too much. Coffee can make me feel wirey and sick of I am using it to keep myself stimulated. Some is good, more is not better.

  3. I drink lemon water and diffuse lemon essential oil. Citrus flavors and lemon in particular wake me up. Here is my favorite lemon essential oil that you can even put in your water!

  4. I do a cleanse day. Digesting food takes energy so if you can rest your digestion you will conserve the little energy you have and create more! Here is how I do a cleanse day.

  5. I tell myself the most empowering story about the day. If I sit around and tell myself how tired I am, of course I will be tired. Instead I tell myself I am vibrant, alive and ready for the day. I also visualize exactly how I want the day to go.

  6. I stay active. When I was at a job I would get up and fill my water bottle, go to the bathroom, walk around the halls, do the yoga poses again to stay alert. Anything to get up from my desk. Now that I am a full-time entrepreneur working from home, I STAY OFF THE COUCH. The couch triggers relaxation thoughts in our mind so staying away from it during the work day to be productive is imperative.

  7. I get dressed as if I was going to a business meeting. Staying in yoga and pajama clothes is a mistake on days like this. Get up, get dressed, show up.