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Episode 81: What We Learned Spending 20K on Masterminds with Natalee Champlin

Today I am chatting with returning guest, Natalee Champlin.  Natalee helps small business owners get unstuck in their marketing so they save time and money on tactics that don’t work. Natalee and I combined have spent $20,000 on masterminds this fall to help grow our businesses and in this episode we are talking all the things about our different masterminds, what we are learning and will help you decide if you need to spend this kind of money on your own growth.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to tell when you are ready for a high priced mastermind

  • What is the purpose of a high priced mastermind

  • What you learn at these masterminds

  • How to pick the right one for you

  • What is the actual benefit of them

  • What to do if you aren’t ready or can’t afford it

You can reach Natalee on IG: @nataleechamplin or on her Facebook:

Episode 35: How to Execute an Intentional Social Media Life with Lyndsay Clements

Today's guest is all for helping you to clarify your message on social media and help you learn some ways to simplify and make it easier and more effective so that your ideal customer feels connected to you.  Lyndsay Clement is the owner of Ellen Grace Marketing and is passionate about helping business owners grow their sales through solid marketing strategies and effective planning.  In today’s world, consumers are overwhelmed with choices and brands need to (more than ever) build authentic relationships with their customers in order to stand out. 
What I love about Lyndsay the most is all of the free advice she gives on her Instagram .  I have implemented several of her strategies she gives there on my own social media and it feels so much lighter now!  

Making money on social media is relatively easy these days as long as you have the right product to promote and know how to talk about it.  I would love to know what you thought of Lyndsay's tips!