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Episode 71: Get Paid To Post with @sarahs_reads

What if you could decide one day over a night of drinking that you were going to get paid to read books?  That is what @sarahs_reads did.  She loved her job and loved how good she was at it, but she had a dream people!! 

A dream we all have (those of us reading this) in creating a life for ourselves that involves freedom and financial success.

She hired a publicist, created an instagram account and went for it.  She shares on the podcast today how to do that.

In this episode you will learn…

  • How to price your post

  • How to get noticed

  • How to engage with trolls

  • How to take pictures

  • The mindset required to be successful

Episode 70: Growing Big by Delivering on Your Promises with Karen Walker

How do you prepare for growth in your organization so that you can continue to deliver on the promise of the problem you're solving for your customer? This is what we are chatting with Karen Walker about today.  Karen is an expert on organizational growth.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to determine if you're solving the right problems happening in your business

  • Creating space for creativity instead of doing tasks should be hiring out

  • Creating an organization or you're paid to know what to do not paid to do the tasks

  • Creating an anchor of knowing why you need to change in order to grow your income

  • How to handle raw emotions of the team when you discuss a “why”

  • Building trust with your customers and your team

  • Team member success = success for you

Karen Walker is an executive coach and consultant who advises CEOs and senior leaders on thriving in hyper-growth. She has worked with clients including Aetna, AWS, Pfizer, JPMorganChase, and BMC Software, as well as Inc. 5000 startups. 

Karen is also a  board advisor, keynote speaker, and the author of No Dumbing Down: A Guide for CEOs on Organization Growth. As employee 104 at Compaq, Karen helped lead the then-fastest growing company in American history, growing it from $0 to $15 billion in revenue.

Karen has been published in Harvard Business Review’s Ascend, and quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Karen has a B.S. degree in engineering from Texas A&M University and graduated from the ODHRM program at Columbia University. She has served in an advisory capacity to startups,Rice University, and Texas A&M University, and on the executive board of The Alley Theatre. 

She resides in Jupiter, FL, although she can most often be found aloft in seat 2C.
You can reach Karen at