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Episode 55: How to Grow a Network Marketing Team (or any team for that matter)

n the United States, network marketing is a a 34.5 billion dollar industry and over 18.6 million people participate it in it. It is an 190 Billion dollar industry worldwide and 36.9% of the industry are millennials (1981ish-1996) and 34% are Gen X (born 1960-1980ish) and a tiny slice of 1.4% of Gen Z is participating.

There is huge opportunity for you not matter what your age.

The premise of network marketing is that a web of product sales funnels through links in accounts that allow for compensation to an associate for the the lifetime purchasing of a customer. This is different than affiliate marketing where each point of sale is a one time commission for the sales associate and therefore the number of sale contacts in affiliate marketing requires thousands of more contacts than network marketing.

Let’s break this down.

Episode 53: How to Live on Variable Income

Living on variable income because you are either an entrepreneur or commission based can be tough. Really tough. The drive to get your product out there is fierce and you work way harder than you do for your W-2 job because there is no guarantee you will get paid.

Mike and I have learned the hard way how to do this well and how to do it sucky. This episode teaches you some of our best tips.

Being a person who is 100% commission based or self employed is a mind game. It also is an incredibly free life! 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to budget

  • How to keep your mindset healthy in the lean months

  • How much savings you need

  • Which areas to cut back on

Episode 52: How to Start A Podcast

If you are giving value to an audience that cares what you are talking about , you have a reason to podcast. But there are some considerations. Let’s talk about those.

First, it’s going to require you to commit to the show. You don’t have to create a weekly episode but you need to create consistent content. Your audience is going to want to hear from you and the more frequently you give them content, the easier it will be to grow. Next, podcasting requires you to learn a few skills. I am going to go over a few of those in this episode.

The podcast provides my business with weekly engagement from potential customers ALL YEAR. My business moved from a domestic to an international business directly from my podcast. My podcast is listened to in over 12 countries, of which my business is capable of expanding into most of them. Have I convinced you yet you need this?

The second consideration for a podcast is - are you willing to be bad long enough to get good at it? You aren’t going to be excellent right away. You will fumble over your words, feel stuck, not feeling like interviewing people, get nervous interviewing people and over all get frustrated with technology along the way.

Episode 50: Coaching People to Greatness

This mentoring call was about how to coach people. It’s the area I need the most growth. Coaching people isn’t something you will be innately good at. You have to learn the skills. You listening to this episode right now is the best first step you can do to becoming better at coaching people to greatness. Here are the top tips Allison gives about how to coach people. I learned so much on this call and I know you will too.