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Episode 78: Unconventional Nutrition Advice with the Disobedient Dietician Amber Gourley

Do you feel energized EVERY moment of EVERY day?

Today’s episode is with The Disobedient Dietician, Amber.  She is a registered dietician, cooking fanatic, Ironman finisher, and totally obsessed with learning. She believes that nutrition alone has the power to prevent, reverse, and decrease the severity of symptoms of almost all diseases and conditions.  I asked her all the questions about how to get better energy and we even talk about pooping today.

You can reach Amber at:

Have you ever tried to lose weight and did everything right, only to find the scale budge a measly one pound?  Do you feel like food is serving an emotional need for you, rather than nourishing your body?  I know I have been there and still cycle in and out of this depending on the season of life.  Today’s episode will give you a new perspective on food.  Remember, I am not a doctor and do not play one on the internet and today’s episode is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and you should always talk to your doctor about what is right for your body.  

In this episode you will learn:

  • Holly’s story of 3 knee surgeries, a heart surgery and having children and how this resulted in losing her health

  • The power and energy of food and how it can live in our body

  • Holly’s story of not being able to lose weight despite doing everything “right”

  • How releasing her emotions helped her to release 40+ pounds

  • How to ask your body questions about what it needs

  • Learning to respect your body

  • The difference between peacefully challenging your body vs manipulating it when you are changing your health habits

  • How to figure out your motives and get honest about your body

  • What to do when you feel like food is an idol

  • Holly’s thoughts on whether to use apps like MyFitnessPal

  • Becoming aware in what your body needs

You can reach Holly on Instagram @hollyreneexo

Episode 76: Abundant Parenting with Leah Recor

Have you ever screamed at your kids, “GET IN THE CAR?”  If you are a parent and you answer no, you are actually an alien because we ALL have done this.  Parenting and growing your net worth is like trying to make your kids a sandwich while your manicure dries and every move you inspect whether you smudged them.  It’s just not that easy - but when you know how to speak to your children and assess their needs, it goes a ton better.  I have been implementing the principles of this episode since we talked and my relationship with my kids has improved greatly. I know yours will too:

What you will learn:

  • How your actions, words and thoughts model for your children what they should think and say

  • How to create abundance in your parenting immediately with mindset hacks

  • How to support a child’s creative flow

About Leah:

Author of “Where the Light Is... A Parent’s Guide to the Law of Attraction,” and best selling author of “When I Rise, I Thrive,” Leah Recor is a mother of two young girls who turned personal traumatic experiences into her mission to help other struggling parents. Having grown up with a mother who battled cancer from an early age, Leah is driven by a holistic path of shared knowledge through a team of experts to nurture children’s lives and wellbeing, psychologically and nutritionally. Her new book (to be released spring 2019) introduces small easy practices to parents that provide a practical approach to alleviate a child or parent’s anxieties. Her online workshops help lessen the guilt and regret many parents feel to better connect with one’s children and build healthier relationships. Co-Founder of Little Legacies LLC, a nonprofit serving children at Tanager Place amongst other non-profits nationally, Leah also mentors children facing serious illness, trauma and special needs through various creative writing exercises. She is available for onsite presentations of The Abundant Parent to organizations and corporate entities.

You can reach Leah at:

Episode 75: Back to School Tips For More Ease

Are you and your kids crushing back to school habits?


Haha.  Mine have issues every year.  *Insert sigh* 

One year we even had so much trouble we needed to have my son go into a therapy group to deal with school anxiety and type A pressure on himself.  In this episode I talk about that experience and all the ways I have found to help kids get back into a routine AND also give some of my feedback and tips on what The American Association of Pediatrics has to say about how to help your kids be safe and healthy mentally and physically this year.

Episode 67: How to Rest as a Busy Person with Danielle Roberts

Do you get a weird panic feeling when you stop to rest? Like- Oh my gosh there is too much to do, I cannot possibly rest.  Ok me too.  I have been this way as a child and today’s episode is all about how to reframe rest and use it as a skill in productivity.  Rest is required for success but the words “grit” “hustle” and “grind” have become so glamorized that people are forgetting that our brains need rest in order to rejuvenate. Today you will meet Danielle Roberts, who wrote the book Created For This with you, the Jesus Loving Entrepreneur in mind. She knows what it’s like to juggle #allthethings in business and wrestle with the feeling of wanting to go deep with Jesus but not feel like there are enough hours in the day to make it all happen.

In addition to writing Created For This, she is an Accountability Coach, small business solutions creator, mentor, author and podcaster, wife, mom and Navy veteran. She has spent the last three years building a business online and spent countless hours listening to frustrated Christian entrepreneurs who felt as though no one really “got” them.  She created a free tool for you to learn how to better manage your time and can be found at:

Episode 63: From 6 Figure Debt to 7 Figure Global Business with Genecia Alluora

Do you have fear of failure?  How about fear of success?  Do you feel like you are holding back?

Do you feel hungry for more?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, today’s episode is for you.  I interview Genecia Alluora and we talk all about why more women worldwide are not stepping into morel freedom, fabulous living and more financial independence.  

Genecia Alluora is a former Miss Singapore and Southeast Asia  Woman of Excellence 2010 recipient.

She is the founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female entrepreneur  network in Southeast Asia connecting more than 200,000 women across  the region, with presence in 7 countries including Singapore,  Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Soul Rich Woman helps  women build their brand recognition and online reputation as a leader,  to gain more customers, confidence, and credibility - while making a  positive impact in the world. Prior to establishing Soul Rich Woman,  she was an owner of a cafe retail chain with presence in 3 countries  that successfully exited to be a public listed company. Profiled in  CNBC and China Daily, Genecia is also an expert public speaker and has  spoken in recent major events, including the RISE Conference in Hong  Kong, Success Conference and Expo Asia 2018 in Hanoi, and National  Achievers’ Congress in Manila. Genecia is also running a digital  marketing agency serving women-led businesses in their social media  funnel pro campaigns.

She has a few free downloads for you that are amazing!

How to delegate 80% of your to-do list

How to get your assistant to make you money

Then linking to the website

- Link to join the group:

- Whatsapp, +65 8606 3353

Episode 62: Going All In With Buying a Business with Dr. Scott Schreiber

Today you will meet Dr. Scott M. Schreiber DC, MS, DACRB, DCBCN, LN, CNS who moved his family across the country to buy an established Chiropractic Business in Woodbury, MN. Dr. Schreiber speaks very candid in this episode about what he learned, why the risk was worth it and how to stand out in a flooded market.  I have had the privilege of getting to know Scott, his wife Carey and their two kids. Scott tells you practical questions you should ask when looking at buying a business and things to consider as well as really amazing mindset principles that are necessary to make it past the fear of the decision.

Dr. Schreiber is the owner of MN Spine and Sport in Woodbury, MN.  He is a chiropractic physician that is double board certified in rehabilitation and clinical nutrition.  His practice focuses on athletes, those that have or want an active lifestyle, and weekend warriors.  Many patients seek out Dr. Schreiber’s advice and treatment when other methods have failed.

He has spent thousands of hours in post-doctoral training including acupuncture, the McKenzie method, Kinesiotaping, functional movement screen, post-surgical rehabilitation, and nutrition; he is dedicated to getting his patients better as fast as possible using the best available evidence and technology.

He is the treasurer of the American Chiropractic Association Rehabilitation Council and the editor of the Journal of the North American Rehabilitation Specialist.  Most recently, he was awarded the 2018 American Chiropractic Association Rehabilitation Chiropractor of the Year.

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