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Episode 29: The Budgetologist - Phylecia Jones

Today’s guest is all about this and we get raw and real. As the CEO of Keep Up with Mrs. Jones LLC, Creator of Budget School, a premier business financial education platform, and Host of the daily morning show Ask the Budgetologist, Phylecia Jones is the savvy go-to budgeting nerd, international speaker, and trainer. After serving as a civilian Scientist and Engineer for the US Navy, Phylecia launched her skills into changing the world one budget-at-a-time and is now opening the door for many solo entrepreneur coaches and consultants to have that must needed wake-up call to get serious about managing money. Since being a money nerd is not enough, Phylecia's life has included traveling the world, being a professional cheerleader, 100hrs towards being a yacht captain… and achieving an eclectic list of random cool things!

Episode 28: Overcome- No Matter What Happens with Teri Dale

Teri Dale is the other of multiple books and is a holistic health coach and a cancer survivor. She admits that early in her career as an entrepreneur she didn’t manage her stress and she feels her stress contributed to the proliferation of cancer in her body. She had to make a choice then and there of what she was going to do treat her cancer. She chose to do it holistically without chemo or radiation against her doctor’s advice and 9 months later had a clean PET scan. After cancer she knew she needed to make a shift in her entrepreneurship journey to manager her stress better. She shifted her businesses, became an author and now runs a successful holistic coaching practice for women with a particular passion for those with diabetes or cancer diagnoses.


Episode 27: Our Lowest Overhead Business

80% of Americans are in debt. This means that YOU ARE NOT ALONE if you are in debt. One of our businesses was instrumental in getting us out of debt, the network marketing industry. Direct selling, MLM, pyramid schemes, weirdos, and all the things are discusses on this episode in regards to network marketing. You can create a significant side hustle income stream using this industry and create residual income for yourself!