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Episode 58: Recovering From Failed Goals with Courtney Mott

Have you ever missed a goal and cried over a tub of ice cream and Netflix and then stopped your goals all together?

I have.

We all have.

Failed goals are only stepping stones.

If you aren’t failing at goals I don’t think you are setting high enough goals. Anyone who meets a goal the first time is setting very safe goals.

On today’s episode, Courtney Mott shares about how she didn’t hit a recent goal, what she learned and I give her some advice on how to move forward. If you have been enjoying Courtney’s episodes this year, you will love this one!

The premise of network marketing is that a web of product sales funnels through links in accounts that allow for compensation to an associate for the the lifetime purchasing of a customer. This is different than affiliate marketing where each point of sale is a one time commission for the sales associate and therefore the number of sale contacts in affiliate marketing requires thousands of more contacts than network marketing.

Let’s break this down.

Episode 43: Radical Responsibility with Debt and Plan to Change with Courtney

Courtney is one of those people who you can tell has been through a lot but you also think you might see he on TV someday as a motivational speaker! She truly works hard to provide for her family and has grit and determination. Courtney also has some debt that she wants to knock out this year and a plan to get rid of it. We are going to watch her journey this year - in a once a month episode on her progress and the lessons she is learning. You will love Courtney. She’s like an encyclopedia of personal development wrapped up in a spicy taco.

Things we cover on this episode:

  • Getting into debt because of medical emergencies and life emergencies

  • How credit cards are “life tuition”

  • Taking small steps and opportunities and letting them be seeds that grow

  • How to overcome the fear of letting people know the truth of your situation

  • What Courtney’s first steps are going to be to work on her debt