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Episode 76:  Abundant Parenting with Leah Recor

Episode 76: Abundant Parenting with Leah Recor

Have you ever screamed at your kids, “GET IN THE Have you ever screamed at your kids, “GET IN THE CAR?”  If you are a parent and you answer no, you are actually an alien because we ALL have done this.  Parenting and growing your net worth is like trying to make your kids a sandwich while your manicure dries and every move you inspect whether you smudged them.  It’s just not that easy - but when you know how to speak to your children and assess their needs, it goes a ton better.  I have been implementing the principles of this episode since we talked and my relationship with my kids has improved greatly. I know yours will too:

What you will learn:

  • How your actions, words and thoughts model for your children what they should think and say

  • How to create abundance in your parenting immediately with mindset hacks

  • How to support a child’s creative flow

About Leah:

Author of “Where the Light Is... A Parent’s Guide to the Law of Attraction,” and best selling author of “When I Rise, I Thrive,” Leah Recor is a mother of two young girls who turned personal traumatic experiences into her mission to help other struggling parents. Having grown up with a mother who battled cancer from an early age, Leah is driven by a holistic path of shared knowledge through a team of experts to nurture children’s lives and wellbeing, psychologically and nutritionally. Her new book (to be released spring 2019) introduces small easy practices to parents that provide a practical approach to alleviate a child or parent’s anxieties. Her online workshops help lessen the guilt and regret many parents feel to better connect with one’s children and build healthier relationships. Co-Founder of Little Legacies LLC, a nonprofit serving children at Tanager Place amongst other non-profits nationally, Leah also mentors children facing serious illness, trauma and special needs through various creative writing exercises. She is available for onsite presentations of The Abundant Parent to organizations and corporate entities.

You can reach Leah at: http://theabundantparent.com/


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