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Episosde 46:  Daily, Weekly and Quarterly Action Steps to Create 100K This Year

Episosde 46: Daily, Weekly and Quarterly Action Steps to Create 100K This Year

It’s our second month of recording the calls with my mentor, Allison Matthies and this month we are talking all about what are the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly action steps to create the 100K I am working towards this year in my side gig. I’m not here to create a hobby. I’ve done that. I had a “business” for 5 years that never turned a profit. It was exhausting spinning my wheels all the time. I am here to change lives and change my life financially.

She breaks down the steps I need to take for each of these time frames and here are a few of them:

Daily Action Steps

Connect with people every where you go. Be curious. Be a friend connector. You don’t need everyone to say yes to you. Look for people to connect with that you relate to and have a common ground with. If you are trying to target customers in the form of everyone, stop. You don’t need everyone to be your customer. You need YOUR specific customer. Find your ideal client. Figure out who is the person you want to work with and connect with them. Really listen to the people you meet. Talk 10% of the time when you meet new people, spend the rest of the time listening. People will talk to you and open up to you if you can learn to ask the right questions.

What to do when you find you have a solution for a problem they have:

Ask a question and then PAUSE. Don’t try to sell them on your solution. A good question to ask is, “Would you be open to hearing about a solution for that?” You are bringing people through a journey and you want them to feel safe in the journey. Build a high level of trust. Another good question is, “I see that you are looking for a solution on this. If I could show you a way to solve this would you be open to checking it out?" THEN PAUSE. The power is in the pause. Not pausing is usually because we are nervous and feel the need to fill the air with more noise.

Weekly Action Steps

You will need to follow up. This is going to happen every few days, every week and every month. Here are few suggestions for that.

It’s not about “getting” people:

You are serving people. You are not getting them. Following up to bring them on the journey is necessary and it will take time and touches. That might be 5 times you connect with them and it might be 20. Following up is about high communication that builds a trusting relationship. It’s all based on how they came to you and how you know them. If they clicked on an Ad you ran, they are asking you to give them information. If you are making small talk at the work water cooler, they might not see you as the person who can help them with their problem so you need to build more trust since you are offering them a solution vs them asking you for it by clicking an ad. Getting to know and learning about your potential future customers is imperative. Ask in one of the follow ups, “How interested are you in solving this problem on a scale of 1-10?”

If they answer:

0,1,2 - Just stay in relationship. They aren’t ready. Don’t be weird by continuing to talk about solutions.

3,4,5 - Ask what it would take to help them be more ready or ask what questions they have.

6-10- Follow ups should be frequent. These people are ready to change.

Always at the end of a conversation, ASK WHEN YOU CAN CONNECT WITH THEM AGAIN. Book a connection from a connection. “When can I follow up with you to see if this could help you?”

Help your future customers get started:

We aren’t here to have a hobby. We are here to solve a problem that we are paid to solve. If you want to make 100K this year, you have to help your people get started and that involves asking them, “What other questions do you have that I can answer to help you make a decision?” A lot of people ask, “What do you think?”. This is a no no. Ask them what they need to get started, not what they think. It helps to keep the conversation productive.

Monthly/Quarterly Action Steps

Every month and quarter you need to nurture the relationships with your customers and check in with your progress. Check in on them by sending messages, calling them or sending out an email to them. Text messages are 97% opened within 3 minutes of sending. It’s the best way to stay in community with your customers. See how they are liking your solution or product.

Give your customer the support they need:

Help your customers feel seen. Who can you recognize for their success? Who can you touch base with in your customers? How can you plug them into education and events to help them grow and become more. Give your customers individual attention. Can you text a customer and ask how their journey is going? Can you ask how you can support them in their goals? Ask your customers what they need to be successful. Check in.

In my journey to create 100K of income in my side business Allison and I determined I need 1,000 happy customers (check out Episode 42 for this breakdown) and this month was steps to help me create and keep amazing customers!

A logo that my business partner and I made using Canva

A logo that my business partner and I made using Canva

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