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Episode 12: How I Earned More Money Using My Strengths

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This episode is a preview to the episode with Zach Carlsen (Episode 13).  I recommend listening to it first. In this episode I talk about how to take a StrengthsFinder assessment and how I used it to help me make more money by putting my top talents to work and surrounding myself with people who had my bottom talents.  

I was disappointed when I first learned my strengths.  I had command and self-assurance as #1 and #2.  

So basically I am a bossy B**^%????  (That is what I thought.)

However, it wasn't that my natural talents were inately bad, it's that I wasn't using them to help me succeed.  Zach has really helped me with this.

Also in this episode I talk about the percentage my business has grown since focusing on this and the success of my customers on our nutrition.  Our customers have a 70% retention rate on our nutrition and in America the average retention rate of a nutrtion plan is 30%!!!  WE are beating the national average by 40%!!!!!  

Also, our team has had a 300% increase in earning an income since starting to focus on my strengths as a leader.  I have learned how to better distribute my talents and time and surround myself with teammates who had some of the talents I was lacking so we could be more effective!  

I can't wait to hear about YOUR strengths!  Come join the conversation in our Facebook Group about it! 




I am on a mission to make sure that you take action on your net worth. This requires paying attention to it.  In this episode there is a special invitation for you into our closed group community to do just this.  Join our Facebook group for tips and community to help you improve your net worth! We are collectively tracking our net worth together and watching it grow!

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