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Episode 55: How to Grow a Network Marketing Team (or any team for that matter)

n the United States, network marketing is a a 34.5 billion dollar industry and over 18.6 million people participate it in it. It is an 190 Billion dollar industry worldwide and 36.9% of the industry are millennials (1981ish-1996) and 34% are Gen X (born 1960-1980ish) and a tiny slice of 1.4% of Gen Z is participating.

There is huge opportunity for you not matter what your age.

The premise of network marketing is that a web of product sales funnels through links in accounts that allow for compensation to an associate for the the lifetime purchasing of a customer. This is different than affiliate marketing where each point of sale is a one time commission for the sales associate and therefore the number of sale contacts in affiliate marketing requires thousands of more contacts than network marketing.

Let’s break this down.