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Episode 2: Fancy Truck Guy Meets Scarcity Queen - My Story

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I might barf.  I have shared my story before with small groups but having the whole world have access to it makes me want to barf.  The deep down desire we all innately have to feel heard, valued and er not rejected is screaming loud for me right now.  In the end though, it's not the ones who will reject us that we do big scary goals for, it's for the ones who need us to go first.  So for you my friend, who needs me to go first... this one is for you.  

The rotation of episodes will be this...

1.  One of our story

2.  A money expert

3.  A real life story of someone who drastically changed their net worth and how they did it!

This podcast was divinely inspired and this episode tells you how that went down.  

Cheers friend.


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