Episode 39: 8 Hacks for Forming Habits in the New Year for Busy Professionals

Here are my top tips for being at your optimal health and productivity.

  • Start now! You could be 3 weeks into a new habit by January if you start now.

  • Figure out what habit is the one that is going to be imperative for your best health so that you have the most energy to work on your dreams (in the episode I give my one thing).

  • Get up 1-2 hours earlier each day and work on your dreams and yourself. One hour a day on your business or self equals 9 work weeks of productivity over the year.

  • Block out family time. Make it non negotiable. My calendar scheduler (Calendly) doesn’t allow people to book during my family time.

  • Create new neuro-pathways through a program like Healthy Mind and Body. Let me show you how to get it free! Message me for the link.

  • Get an accountability partner to talk to weekly. Keep it to 15 minutes each when you talk and come to the call with bullet points about what you want to be held accountable for the next week. Do not make it a complaining fest. I have had an accountability partner for 3 years. My current one and I chat on Sunday afternoons for 30 minutes about the week.

  • Write in your journal correctly. Don’t write complaints. Write out how you want your day to go. “Today was amazing. I crushed it at work….” Write it out like it’s already happened at the start of your day.

  • Be flexible about adjusting your course. If you find that your habit goal is not working, adjust, don’t quit.

Episode 38: Handling The Unknowns of Entrepreneurship

Today’s guest is such an inspiring story of what the behind the scenes looks like when you are building a business. Josh Collins, along with his amazing wife Angie, run multiple successful storage rental facilities. They are also savvy property finders and investors. In this episode Josh talks about what is was like to start a business with a one year old, a recent death of his brother in a tragic car accident and finding out they were pregnant with baby number two. They decided to push on with their business despite the unknowns of income or success.

Episode 37: Money is your Lover

What if you could get excited about $5 left over at the end of the month instead of feeling panic? Today’s guest teaches you how to get excited about what is going right in your money situation vs focusing on the lack. Sometimes when we have a lack of money we starting hating it or hating people who have a lot of it (or other jealous feelings). It can put such a strain on your life. I talk extensively about this in previous episodes.

Episode 36: 5 Things You Need to Succeed in a Side Hustle

I have had a side hustle for the greater part of the last 3 years so I get it. I have had a failed side hustle and a succeeding one and have realized what HAS to be present in order for it to succeed. It is often sited that 9 out of 10 businesses fail but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics most businesses that are going to close, do so in years 3-7, when most people give up because it feels like it’s not working.

There are 5 things that will make or break whether a side hustle has a chance. Of course there are many things that will determine if your side hustle will succeed and the biggest factor is YOU.

  1. It has to change lives.

  2. You must make enough money to change YOUR life.

  3. It must get you out of bed.

  4. There has to be a residual end game.

  5. It has to create influence.

Check out the specifics of each of these points on this weeks episode!

Episode 35: How to Execute an Intentional Social Media Life with Lyndsay Clements

Today's guest is all for helping you to clarify your message on social media and help you learn some ways to simplify and make it easier and more effective so that your ideal customer feels connected to you.  Lyndsay Clement is the owner of Ellen Grace Marketing and is passionate about helping business owners grow their sales through solid marketing strategies and effective planning.  In today’s world, consumers are overwhelmed with choices and brands need to (more than ever) build authentic relationships with their customers in order to stand out. 
What I love about Lyndsay the most is all of the free advice she gives on her Instagram .  I have implemented several of her strategies she gives there on my own social media and it feels so much lighter now!  

Making money on social media is relatively easy these days as long as you have the right product to promote and know how to talk about it.  I would love to know what you thought of Lyndsay's tips! 

34: Start in College- A Millennial with 700K Real Estate Holdings with Lindsay Zweber

Today’s episode though is my home girl Lindsay Zweber. Lindsay is one of those mom friends that you just love being around. She is beautiful, sweet, and a hustler. She has her own side business (as well as her and her husband have real estate) and she tells on the show today how they started real estate investing in college, that is totally paying off now. If you have a teenager who is about to go into college, this episode is for you. And before you start thinking that it’s too late for you, she did this all in 10-15 years. So as long as you plan on living another 15 years, this could be you later on in life. But it wasn’t and isn’t always easy for her. She makes choices that some wouldn’t and this is why she is so successful. Successful people always make choices that broke people won’t.