Episode 48: How to Take Scale Your Medical Practice with Dr. Beth Westie

Dr. Beth is the founder and creator of the 12 Week Female Fat Solution Challenge. She has made it her mission to change the way women view their health. Traveling the country to educate and empower women to take their health into their own hands. Using nutrition to help women work with the natural cycle of their bodies to achieve lasting weight loss results.

In this episode we discuss what it is like to come away from several years of school debt, buying a practice, building it while having children and how to turn a struggling practice around. She gives 5 tips for struggling medical practitioners owners on how to turn their business around. We also go into how to manage being a boss mom while managing your family and personal health.

Dr. Beth has scaled her medical practice into a multi-six and soon to be 7-figure online business. If you know a medical practitioner struggling to have balance and the abundance they deserve, share this!

Episode 47: Moving From Personal Development Junkie to Taking Action with Courtney Mott

This week is the second month of recording calls with Courtney Mott. Courtney is on a journey to use a side hustle to reduce her debt and I am coaching her on how to do that. The first month she identified that playing big and not caring what people thought of her is where she needed to go next. She worked on that like mad in the month of January and references several courses and people she went to in order to seek out how to do that. This month she dives into how she is going from absorbing the personal development content to actually implementing a strategy that she can follow daily and like clockwork to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

Episode 45: Foster Kid to Foster Dad

This is an emotional episode for me and as I type this I am choking back tears knowing that all the world will be reading this.

This week on the podcast we share how our foster care journey is going now that we are three weeks into our first placement, we share why we are doing foster care and some things to consider about foster care.

We don’t have all the answers-we just started.

You will love this episode. I’m not going to give any spoilers so you will just have to listen if you want to hear about the journey.

As always, thanks so much for being apart of our journey.

Episode 44: Creating a Mobile Business and Life with Kelly Cameron

Today’s guest is Kelly Cameron. Kelly grew up thinking that the only path in life was to work, get married, buy a house and have kids. But constantly nagging her was this thought 'is this it?'. With a husband that always questions conventional wisdom, the two of them (with their two children) set their goal on exploring France for a year. They applied for visas, sold almost everything they own, Kelly closed down her business and they left New Zealand 6 months later. Now 9 months into their trip they are living in a long term Airbnb, bonding as a family and her kids are going to school learning French.

Kelly shares how they do it, what it was like in the beginning and how they are paying their bills on this wild ride.

Episode 43: Radical Responsibility with Debt and Plan to Change with Courtney

Courtney is one of those people who you can tell has been through a lot but you also think you might see he on TV someday as a motivational speaker! She truly works hard to provide for her family and has grit and determination. Courtney also has some debt that she wants to knock out this year and a plan to get rid of it. We are going to watch her journey this year - in a once a month episode on her progress and the lessons she is learning. You will love Courtney. She’s like an encyclopedia of personal development wrapped up in a spicy taco.

Things we cover on this episode:

  • Getting into debt because of medical emergencies and life emergencies

  • How credit cards are “life tuition”

  • Taking small steps and opportunities and letting them be seeds that grow

  • How to overcome the fear of letting people know the truth of your situation

  • What Courtney’s first steps are going to be to work on her debt