Episode 44: Creating a Mobile Business and Life with Kelly Cameron

Today’s guest is Kelly Cameron. Kelly grew up thinking that the only path in life was to work, get married, buy a house and have kids. But constantly nagging her was this thought 'is this it?'. With a husband that always questions conventional wisdom, the two of them (with their two children) set their goal on exploring France for a year. They applied for visas, sold almost everything they own, Kelly closed down her business and they left New Zealand 6 months later. Now 9 months into their trip they are living in a long term Airbnb, bonding as a family and her kids are going to school learning French.

Kelly shares how they do it, what it was like in the beginning and how they are paying their bills on this wild ride.

Episode 43: Radical Responsibility with Debt and Plan to Change with Courtney

Courtney is one of those people who you can tell has been through a lot but you also think you might see he on TV someday as a motivational speaker! She truly works hard to provide for her family and has grit and determination. Courtney also has some debt that she wants to knock out this year and a plan to get rid of it. We are going to watch her journey this year - in a once a month episode on her progress and the lessons she is learning. You will love Courtney. She’s like an encyclopedia of personal development wrapped up in a spicy taco.

Things we cover on this episode:

  • Getting into debt because of medical emergencies and life emergencies

  • How credit cards are “life tuition”

  • Taking small steps and opportunities and letting them be seeds that grow

  • How to overcome the fear of letting people know the truth of your situation

  • What Courtney’s first steps are going to be to work on her debt

Episode 42: How Many Customers Do You Need To Make 100K?

Welcome to season 2 of Net Worth It Podcast. Has it really been a year since I heard God telling me to start this podcast as I laid awake at night? No I am not crazy and yes sometimes God prompts me in specific ways. You can hear all about that encounter in season 1 episodes and what I did about it. I still have the original note in my phone that I typed up when I woke out of a dead sleep.

Season 1 was full of stories of people’s success journeys, financial tips and tricks and a lot of mindset. So if you are reading this and haven’t taken advantage of those episode gems-start there. I am forever grateful for the foundation that was laid and all the guests who helped do that.

Season 2 is going to be a lot different and I cannot wait for you to be apart of it. I realized at the end of last year that tidbits each week wasn’t helping you to take action. You felt inspired and made some minor adjustments to your thoughts-but you didn’t REALLY take that much action. I respond to every DM and email and what I heard over and over is that you still aren’t sure what to do with pieces of the puzzle-you need the whole puzzle put together to see it. We are going to put the puzzle together this season.

Today’s episode starts with me introducing my very own mentor, Allison. She has been behind the scenes working with me for 3 years and we are going to record our private coaching sessions so you can see start to finish how to make money in a legacy enterprise. No matter what your business is, the coaching you will see Allison do with me WILL apply. In this first episode we talk about how to actually map out what amount you want to make this year and how to break that down into months and what it will actually take in customer volume. For those of you in our business and wanting the math on our equation, it is this:

Annual amount / 12 months = Amount per month

Amount per month/$54 = Number of cycles per month

Number of cycles per month x 900BV= Amount of BV per month you need

Amount of BV per month / 125 (average customer basket order) = Number of customers needed each month

Now for many of you listening who aren’t in my direct business, you don’t need those numbers-but a large percentage of the listeners are and I want to serve them with these numbers. If you are a hair stylist, a realtor or even have an Etsy store- you can use this same concept and we talk about how in the episode.

Here are some highlights of the episode:

  • How to break out how many customers you need

  • Having a long term mindset and how to stay focused over time

  • How to work full-time in your business for 9 weeks of the year without quitting your job

  • Book references: The Slight Edge, High Performance Habits

  • How to talk to 730 customers in a year with ease

  • The three keys to success

  • How to create duplication in your business

  • Showing people greatness in themselves

  • Words to stop saying about your customers

  • The magic of customers coming into your life with ease

Episode 41: Be a Grown Up With Your Money with Lynne Somerman

Next week after all the holiday hustle bustle is over you are going to check your bank statement and FREAK OUT.  Guess what- that is NORMAL. It happens to me every year and I even pay attention to our money. I keep a spreadsheet of what I am spending for Christmas and even when I try, I still seem to spend emotionally. It’s so easy to buy our emotions over Christmas.  Today’s episode is all about learning how to be a grown up about your money and where to start. The highlights of this episode are:

  • Getting real about your money

  • The power of budgeting

  • Live confidently and sleep deeply with your finances

  • Raw and Realness about money conversations

  • Her wishes and dreams for her own life

  • How Lynne wants you to get to your dreams

  • How to get out of financial holes

  • Figuring out what emotion you are trying to buy with your money

Episode 39: 8 Hacks for Forming Habits in the New Year for Busy Professionals

Here are my top tips for being at your optimal health and productivity.

  • Start now! You could be 3 weeks into a new habit by January if you start now.

  • Figure out what habit is the one that is going to be imperative for your best health so that you have the most energy to work on your dreams (in the episode I give my one thing).

  • Get up 1-2 hours earlier each day and work on your dreams and yourself. One hour a day on your business or self equals 9 work weeks of productivity over the year.

  • Block out family time. Make it non negotiable. My calendar scheduler (Calendly) doesn’t allow people to book during my family time.

  • Create new neuro-pathways through a program like Healthy Mind and Body. Let me show you how to get it free! Message me for the link.

  • Get an accountability partner to talk to weekly. Keep it to 15 minutes each when you talk and come to the call with bullet points about what you want to be held accountable for the next week. Do not make it a complaining fest. I have had an accountability partner for 3 years. My current one and I chat on Sunday afternoons for 30 minutes about the week.

  • Write in your journal correctly. Don’t write complaints. Write out how you want your day to go. “Today was amazing. I crushed it at work….” Write it out like it’s already happened at the start of your day.

  • Be flexible about adjusting your course. If you find that your habit goal is not working, adjust, don’t quit.