I’m Hiring!

Turns out I am not super mom. I am an average person with the same amount of time as everyone else and I would LOVE to spend more of it doing the things I love and less doing the tasks that helped me build residual income. How cool is that to be at the point where I can hire out what is making me money at the same time?! I am looking for a gal who wants this too. Who wants to learn the behind the scenes secrets to exactly how I am doing it by doing it for me!? I promise to teach you all the things you need to know to go and do this for yourself!

Job Description:

  • Upload podcast episodes each week to Libsyn, Squarespace and Mailchimp

  • Manage Linked In, Facebook, Instagram business posts

  • Manage online courses through Teachable

  • Create graphics on Canva

  • Online shop for gifts for me and mail them out to teammates and customers

  • Manage my miles and monthly expenses through Sherpashare and Mint


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